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Our Tailor-Made Tours Team can create a unique and unforgettable tour structured specifically to your wishes, according to the Back-Roads Touring concept. Please note however that it is likely to be more expensive than the average Back-Roads Tour, as the itinerary is created from scratch and personalised to your individual requirements. Please see our ‘average budget per person’ field on the below form for more information.

  • We can provide:
  • Tailor-Made Tours for a minimum of 6 people, up to 18
  • Authentic local experiences
  • Hand-picked boutique accommodation
  • Leisurely paced itineraries
  • Culinary discoveries
  • Private vehicles

We are unable to provide:

  • Airport transfers alone
  • Day trip
  • Tours without a Tour leader
  • Flights and trains


When filling out this form, the more information you provide, the better positioned the team will be in to understand your requirements. If you are unsure, please provide your best-guess scenario.

*Indicates a required field


As this is a personalised individual tour, the price of the tour per person will depend on the number of passengers.

If an exact date is not known, please put in month and year

If an exact date is not known, please put in month and year and approximate number of days of the tour

I.e. Family, Colleagues, Club, Friends etc.

If you are not exactly sure where you would like to go and would like our expert team to give you suggestions, please indicate the general area or country you would like to visit, then we can work together to develop a personalised itinerary.

For Tailor-Made Battlefields Tours: To ensure we deliver a truly personal experience, please provide us with as much information as possible about any family military history, specific sites and any other details you may have.

Please indicate the number of each type of room required
Please note: Back-Roads cannot guarantee that the Tour Leader will always be staying at the same accommodation as the group.

All breakfasts are included on Back-Roads Touring Tailor Made Tours

The price of the tour will vary dependent on factors such as; tour inclusions, accommodation, length of tour, number of passengers, time of year etc. In general, as the number of passengers increase, the price of the tour will decrease. Please keep this in mind when enquiring about a Tailor-Made Tour.

BATTLEFIELDS: May you please provide us with family military history or specific sites you wish to visit, to pay respects to fallen family members so that we can do some research for you, and deliver a truly personal journey.

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